Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30th-Puente La Reina to Estella

I managed some better sleep but am still getting pain in my legs at night, I have now managed to get some ibuprofen so hope that will help, My feet have taken a battering and the pad of my right foot by the big toe feels a little bruised so i walked slightly on the side of my foot to help ease the discomfort, Today was around 14 miles so a little less but i have a few 18+ mile days soon, I started walking at 7am after a quick cafe con leche and met with some other pilgrims that i have bumped into along the way, Chris and Richard are brothers from the UK and i started to walk with them and their Camino friends, We stopped for something to eat in a very small village and before long there was many other walkers all stopping to refuel, As we are burning 2000+ calories a day you can basically not have to watch your diet, I walked on and soon i was on my own at my own pace, After a second stop it was straight on to Estella which is quite a good sized town, I arrived 1pm and went to the municipal Aubergue and paid 6 euro for a bed, Again fairly basic, The showers just have curtains and are mixed!! But at least the clothes washing facilities are good and there is decent internet, Apart from a few aches and pain, Feet/back and hips which everybody has i am quite pleased with how its going so far, I had heard that after 3 or 4 days walking you did not want to get out of bed and walk again, I have not had this yet, i have met a lot of people from around the world and we all have the same thing in common, Somebody said that they have yet to meet any A holes and i dont think we will, its not that sort of place, The weather has been great and perfect for walking, Lets hope it stays that way

Some shots from today's walk

A distant town
 I am starting to see vineyards, Lets hope the wine is improving
Fields of barley
 Beautifully kept windows and very common
 Pilgrims breakfast stop
Archway on the Camino
 Annie from the UK

Fueled Pilgrims hit the road
 Follow the markers
 Wildflowers line the route
Strange looking canal overhead
 Pilgrims crossing an ancient bridge
I don't know why but i really like this image
 Ornate house

 Drinking fountains in the villages
 A few miles from Estella

Lots of beautiful bridges along the way
 Wall detail
 Very very old church
Fresh water straight from the mountain

Church as you enter Estella

Old Door

Puente La Reina extras

I popped back into the town in the afternoon to have a look and get some shots, The first thing that strikes you when you go into any Spanish town along the way is how incredibly clean it is and how well renovated the houses are, A lot have the date of build and many are in the 1800's

The old bridge at the far end of the town

Typical narrow streets in the towns
Church details

 Some stonework on the front of near buildings
Dinner, A mix of different Tapas and Paella