Monday, August 5, 2013


Its been forever since my last blog, I have had no end of problems getting back into my account but thats now solved and we can move on,
Since my last blog i have continued my 3-4 times a week hike, The weather here in North Carolina is very hot and very humid during the summer months, This has given me some feet problems due to them over heating, To stop blisters forming i have had to stop more frequently and take my boots off to let the socks dry out and to allow my feet to cool down, I have been walking along the road which does mot help as the pavement it very hot, I will have to go back to walking along the trails around Falls lake,
I decided to get some lightweight and airy shoes and opted for the Merrel Mix Master, These are very lightweight and the tops are very airy allowing air to circulate and for heat to disipate, One problem i get with these type of shoe is the inner sole rubs the side of my heal, A quick adjustment to the inner sole, moving it slightly to one side makes them very comfortable but they soon move back, I think i may be taking these on my trek next April as a walking shoe if it gets hot and a shoe for the evenings.
I have pretty much everything i need to the Camino except for leg rain gear, I will get some before the winter and will either go for the North face or Marmot, I want a lightweight rain pain that has a zip up the leg for easy access with boots on
One thing that i have taken to is cycling, I go out about 3 times a week and cover up to 17 miles at a time, This will help with my thigh muscles and cardo workout and hopefully will help on the hilly sections,
I am still undecided on what camera i will take with me, Either a good quality compact and there seem to be new models every week or take a small Dslr, I have plenty of time to decide but either way quality must come first,
I have now (today) booked my flight tickets for the end of April, Yes its early but i now have a date and can start counting the days, I will increase the walking over the winter until i can easily walk 10-15 miles on a daily basis,
Now that i have accessed my account i will post on a more regular basis