Monday, December 2, 2013

3rd December-Donation day

I had notification last week from The Cancer Research Foundation that any donations made on 3rd Dec will be matched dollar for dollar, So donate a $10 and they will match it so in essence you have given $20, Pledge $50 and end up with $100, This has to be a no brainer,

Pre Walk

I mentioned in a previous blog that i was getting a pain in the arch of my right foot, Luckily for me my wife has had a broken toe and has been seeing a foot surgeon, On one of the visits i mentioned this to him and asked if he thought it was Plantar fasciitis, I have some new inserts in my walking boots to help support the arch, He asked if i had exercised before walking and of course the answer was no,He gave me a sheet showing 3 things to do, One was to stand infront of a wall, Put your hands on the wall and keep your legs straight and push forward which will stretch your tendons, Next was to get a towel and holding in both hands put your foot arch in the middle and pull back on the towel, The last and most effective for me was to get a can out of your cupboard and put it on the floor, Roll your foot over the can using the arch, I did this for a few days and no aches and pains since, Simple really, You always see athletes exercise before a race so why not a walker/hiker?