Monday, August 18, 2014

Post Camino reflections

Its been a couple of months since finishing my first Camino, The time has flown and a couple of pounds have found their way back around my waistline, When i was walking the Camino and especially towards the end people would sit around and ask if you would do the walk again, At the time i said no, At least not the Camino Frances, Not because i did not enjoy the walk, I did immensely, At the time i thought that it was too busy, Not every day as some where very quiet people wise but many days it was very busy and the Aubergue's would get crowded, A couple of weeks after i had come home and got back into the swing of normal life the Camino started to come into my thoughts more and more, Even into my dreams, Early days back home it was always talked about as people would visit and party's were thrown, But as time has progressed i think about it more and more and memories are coming back of certain days,people and places, I have started to walk again and today i covered 10 miles and was very pleased at how easy it was, Its still hot and humid in NC where i live and i look forward to cooler days, I still read the Camino forums and the other day i re ordered the Camino guide book as i had stupidly left my tatty old copy in Santiago, Yes the Camino bug is still alive and kicking, I took 6 months out in 2000 and my wife and i traveled around the world photographing Tiger, Elephant, Rhino and Orangutan amongst other things and places, We still talk about it 14 years after and long to do it again, I think it may be the same with the Camino, I cant put my finger on quite what it is, The people, The places, The food and drink or really a mix of all the above, The Camino is unique and a very special experience, I am glad and proud that i did it and hope that one day i have the opportunity to experience it again


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